15 thoughts on “Saved Douche”

  1. Was it gay you or ex-gay you that went looking for this cartoon image on the web? If it was ex-gay you, sorry to tell you this but you have some more therapy to do.

  2. many gay men make goin back to being straight a very good option BUT many women make being gay a very good option CANT WIN!

  3. Another way of looking at it, kinda same as Nokio105 said. Sometimes I find the gays in the Grindr world can be overwhelmingly condescending that I feel don’t belong to & wish that I’m not gay (or be straight, if that’s the only other option in life). Maybe the word “nicer” can also means women who are easier to relate to as in gaymen & faghags relationships. And the picture …

  4. Um, he’s quoting Daniel Tosh…I think this is hilarious! e is not a douche, he, in fact, has a great sense if humour.


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