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22 thoughts on “+H8 Douche”

  1. Did we miss what the definition of a douchebag is? He had real pride and his profile is nice… But maybe he is a dick head in person

  2. He just worded/structured the sentences wrong. It is inferring that gay guys are not hardworking or fun

  3. This guy is on here for no reason. This site is starting to loose credibility. This guy is harmless.

  4. i think some of these ‘douches’ end up here because they decided to not hook up with a douche, and then douche got mad at being shot down

  5. He may be slightly full of himself but not a full-blown douchebag. He looks attractive and has some political consciousness. Strip him, bathe him, and bring him to my tent!

  6. This guy’s actually a good friend of mine… definitely not a douche in the slightest. Definitely agree with @rbdbdgr.

  7. personally hate the bouska noh8 photos. normally with noh8 pics, it accompanies a profile that is racist and hateful. Thankfully this one isn’t one of them. remove the “h8” within the community before you ask others to stop hating you.

  8. I have news for this douche working hard and enjoying life is pretty typical amongst us in the gay community. I’d appreciate if he didn’t call the gay community uptight and lazy.

  9. so I guess everyone commenting on any picture on this website is perfect ? it seems that many of you are the real douche bags… this web site is poor…


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