Orange Douche

He claims to be white, but he's lying. He's orange.

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26 thoughts on “Orange Douche”

  1. Racism and illiteracy is open slather but I’m Not sure how comfortable I am calling someone a douche based purely on their appearance.

    1. I agree with AB, this fellow falls more under “hot chicks with douchebags” type douche and that’s based strictly on personal appearance. And although it’s comical it’s not the proper sort of douche for this site.

  2. I’m pretty sure it translates to: “if you like what you see then chat me up, if you don’t like what you see then fuck what you think”. nice.

  3. I think you guys are just haters, all he said in French was ” if you like what you see come and talk and you don’t I don’t care about you think, peace” now how is that a douch ? Because he tan ? He is not even coky or rude but you guys are juging him because he is orange you guys should have a taste of the douchbags in London !

  4. I think douche is a relative term. You may not think him being orange is a douchey trait. I just so happen to think his “tan” is ridiculously douchey.

    Tomato, tuhmahtoe

  5. It’s not like we’re criticizing him on some inherent part of his physical appearance. He made a conscious choice to go out there and “orangeify” himself. It looks hideous, and we’re just calling him out on it.

  6. The whole presentation is a mess here! Louis vuitton scarf? That’s a double douche apart from the super orangina douche!

  7. Justin who are you to judge his tan and what if he likes to look orange ? What about you, you took the same name then Justin bieber, should I judge you for that too ? God he might be a sweet guys but your are bashing about his tan… you guys are the reason why, we as gay , are stereotyped as retarded look obsessed queens sorry

  8. Eo, pull the stick out of your ass. This site exists solely for the purpose of judging Grindr profiles, not to engage in philosophical discourse on evaluating people based on their appearance. Yes, he may be a nice guy. But like Honolulu said, his whole presentation is a mess. Most people (gay or str8) would find this just ridiculous.

  9. I’m sorry but slathering yourself in Cheeto dust and thinking you look like the bomb is the definition of douchebaggery!

  10. Oh good lord… like Margaret Cho said, he and Donatella Versace are going to get together and found their own race of Oompa-Loompas… I PROMISE you all that we Montrealers/French-speakers aren’t all bright orange space aliens…


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