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    1. The problem is more about him addressing his intention as looking for friends while excluding people of his own racial identity…might not be as confusing if he put this as “looking for dates; only attracted to whites”… I can see understand someone may feel offended about rejection of friendship merely because of his racial background. However, this one is already way better than another post in which a white guy was making fun of Asian accent. I wonder how this guy would feel when he sees that post.

    1. @Jack who said, “Ive never seen an asian guy whos into other asians. Theyre pretty much all self hating.” You just don’t know enough Asians. There are tons of Asian couples in California.

    2. That was a pretty moronic statement. I mean…that’s pretty much racist in itself. I’m Asian, I’m not self-hating. I’m into Asian guys. In fact, it’s more of these generalizations and statements that make me swing right back to my own ethnic group. Thanks for reaffirming my decisions.

      1. White guys do that A LOT, thinking that they can speak for people of color on racial issues.
        Typical white privilege BS.

  1. Okay, so this is kinda funny because for once it’s an Asian guy who is ‘only’ looking for white guys but it seems that half of the ‘douchebags’ on here are considered assholes because they are looking for white guys only; I’ve seen guys who are ‘only’ looking for black guys, Asian guys, mediterrainian guys, etc, etc, but those posts are never seen as racist. It’s only when someone lists a preference for white guys that they are racist/douche;
    I ‘get it’; It’s in poor taste to specify race preference in a profile but seriously, why is this a one way street??? Why is it only white preference that is racist??? Let’s see ALL the racial preferences if that is the game that we are playing, not just pretend that white people are the ONLY ones who have a sexual partner race preference (which on a hookup site is JUSTIFIED I would argue…)

  2. @Scott: I understand you. Racism spreads all races. The hunt for only one race is racist. Questions should be raised as to fig. why a person is racist. And usually it’s a feeling of worthlessness in minorities or a belief in stereotypes by whites.

  3. An awkward conversation between this Asian guy and a White guy.

    Asian: Hi. How are you?
    White: Good. Great pic. We are very compatible.
    Asian: How so?
    White: You are not into Asians. Neither am I.

  4. I am asian and definitely not self-hating nor inferior! I love being an asian who like whites. My point is… dont be slutty and desperate! It is a fact/truth that these gay asians’ (Potato Queens) reputation is going down. Only sticky rice has been saving our reputation. I am so proud of them! TO ALL POTATO QUEENS – PLEASE STOP FLOOD-MESSAGING WHITE GUYS!!! THEY WILL MESSAGE YOU IF THEY ARE INTERESTED.

  5. I’m Asian and race doesn’t really matter to me.

    However, while growing up in Melbourne, 90% of the Asians I met only wanted white guys. The white guys (40+ usually) loved it though. They called the Asian teenagers ‘friendly’.

    1. First, I have to move to Melbourne!! 2nd, a lot of feeling for others is innate – we can’t always explain it, so having a preference for a certain type of guy is not necessarily prejudiced. And C, there are still loads of racists assholes out there.

      1. please old guys only get asians cos they are the only ones desperate enough to get them… asian guys usually cling on to old guys so they can pay their way as most dont work in this country they cant get a hot guy to pay for them, thats how it is in australia… and the asians that have hot boyfriends, their boyfirends are always easy to steal on them or cheat with, i know from experience lol… guess asians cant keep men happy unless they are old desperate and lonely.

  6. Many comments on this site are just as (if not more) moronic, ignorant, and douchey than the douchebag Grindr profile itself. Just look at comments from Drew, aniki, jack, scott, BW.

  7. @fukinay. Asian women get Asian eyelid surgery for a reason, Asian women rasied in America are more likely to marry a white man than they are an Asian (US govt stats)for a reason, the term potato queen was coined for a reason. If you don’t think these social phenomena aren’t a result of deep seated issues within the Asian community then you’re naive at best and a fool at worst.

    In the words of Margaret Cho “The only thing that was sort of Asian [as a role model] was Hello Kitty”….think about it.

  8. So !?!! I’m white and I’m not into white… I like anything but white… but I could make an exception… Maybe !

  9. I used to be that way. Until I had a terrible depression and I woke up. I feel like Asian are becoming so sexy. And we have such a sensitive hearts that often be mistaken for “feminist” or “desperate”. Such kind of racism also contribute to the fact that I become drawing more to my own race. I want someone who loves me for exactly who I am, not for the typical stereotypes of Asian that everyone thinks of.

  10. @ Drew: A small minority of Asian women in America get eyelid surgery. “Asian Americans accounted for 6% of cosmetic surgery patients in 2009, a drop from 8% in 2008.” (http://www.asianplasticsurgeryguide.com/news10/041003_asian-american-eyes.html)

    The eyelid surgery is usually to give an upper eyelid which southeast Asians often have but northern asians usually don’t. It is not to give a more Caucasian and unnatural look to an Asian face. Should we assume that white women who get nose surgery and make their noses smaller are trying for a more Asian look? Let’s take it another step further. The skin of European descent whites get wrinkled at a younger age than other races. A 50 year old white of European descent almost always looks older than their counterpart of other groups. Should we assume that whites who get surgery on their skin to look younger do it to have a more ethnic skin look? How about body hair removal? Do white men who do this try to have a more Asian or Latino body? How about tanning? I could go on and on….

    As for the term potato queen…. we also have bean queen, ethnic chaser…. there are too many to list. Yes there is a reason why they exist as well. Because some people have certain preferences. When minorities moved to a place like the U.S. decades ago when there wasn’t much representation of their own kind, they would often gravitate toward the larger group. However, things have changed dramatically in the past decade or so. YOu now increasingly see minority gays date within their own race or with other minorities. It’s no longer the cliche “white + asian, black, etc”.

    About the marriage statistics: “Some 40% of Asian female newlyweds in 2008 married
    outside their race, compared with just 20% of Asian male newlyweds.” (http://pewsocialtrends.org/files/2010/10/755-marrying-out.pdf)
    That’s NOT the majority of Asian women marrying outside their race or to a white man.

    So you see… now that I have proven you wrong on everything you stated, I’m neither naive nor a fool. I’m just more observant and better informed than you. Have a nice day.

  11. Oh… and about Margaret Cho… she’s a comedian, but not a funny one. Plus, she’s 42 years old so her experience growing up as an Asian in America is VERY different than younger people today who have more role models and healthier self-esteem.

  12. I love this… Asian trying to act like a white surfer boy!!! Maybe blue colored contacts would help? I am filipino and this is common among insecure asians who feel they have to act “white” to be accepted.

    1. Considering that surfing began among Hawai’ian (read:Asian)men, this guy’s preference for it is right on point, ethnically.
      Try another tack.

  13. This guy’s attitude is so negative right off the bat: “Not into Asians” “Usually a waste of time”. Friendship and romance take time. If you’re not into the instant hookup, then Grindr is not for you.

  14. So? I’m Asian and I’m not sexually interested in Asians. I’m never racist when it comes to friends, however.

  15. Asian gay men have preferences likes White dudes, or like their own sticky rices=asian men. what annoys me they are self-hating Asian gay men out there. Pretty sad, but doesnt change the fact he has ugly attitude.

  16. Can I just say what a comfort to uncover someone who actually knows what they’re discussing on the net. You actually realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important. A lot more people should check this out and understand this side of your story. I was surprised you are not more popular given that you certainly possess the gift.

  17. So, he’s not into other Asian guys? So, what? That’s his right.
    Besides, since when do GWM give a rat’s ass about how people of color feel about themselves. 99% of the time, you’ve got your boot on our necks, steal everything you can from our cultures, then, proclaim yourselves its kings or, in this case,…


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