Douche Defined

For those who have argued about what is a douche? This is it, eyebrows and all.

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13 thoughts on “Douche Defined”

  1. Keep your egos at home. I know what I look like. Is he not saying that he’s VERY good looking, thus being egotistical?
    PS not good looking.
    PSS not white. Mix yes. White no.
    PSSS never trust anyone wearing a hat in an online profile pic.

  2. Id like to see this blogger’s grindr profile. This guy seems laid back and nice. Who cares about his eyebrows? Ur such a hypocrite. U whine like a little bitch when guys don’t like asians (and clearly u r asian urself) and call them superficial and then nitpick over eyebrows.

  3. yes – he clearly knows what he looks like – and with those eyebrows he must have decided on Disney witch

  4. OMG! Frankie O. pegged it! LOL! Somebody take Maleficent Cuban dancing before she turns into a dragon! LOL!

  5. It seems, as Matt’s comment says, he can only speak briefly. I’ve talked, and I use that word very loosely, with him and in his few one and two word, non-punctuated replies it was quite obvious he is completely full of himself. I won’t even start on his absolute lack of polite, common courtesy and manners as I lack the necessary ream of paper.

  6. He’s not a douche.
    He’s just not willing to settle for you douches.
    Self-respect looks good on him!
    I love his eyebrows, too. Very sexy.

  7. @rich what makes you think this guy isn’t white (lying about ancestry?) He looks white to me…
    The way this pic looks it’s so blurry those eyebrows could just look more defined than they really are who knows?


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