Loves Life + Specific Races Only Douche

Peace, Love, Racism... dude!

Prince Cuntface

Get over yourself, girl. Princes generally don't look like Sarah Jessica Parker's identical cousin.

Allergy Douche

Really? That's too bad cuz I'm allergic to BLOATED ASSHOLES!

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Not Not a Douchebag

Really? Well your BMI would indicate otherwise.

Cool Hand Douche

She allergic to herself. How that finna work?

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Underwater Douchebag


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Jonesing Douche

You can't show your pubes or swear on Grindr, but seeking out drugs is fine.

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Painful Rectal Itch Douche

Someone's constipated!

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Boxer Douche

So macho! A regular Marlin Brando.

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