2006 Grindr Douche



Not sure what’s going on here, but the iPhone wasn’t even out in 2006, right?


More Than a Douchebag




Douche Supremacist

Boring Douche



Truly hilarious!


FEESH Douche


FEESH-DOUCHE of grindr douchebags


HE smells like FEESH yet he finds everyone ELSE disgusting? No thanks. Grindr isn’t a place for seafood. #feesh

Hateful Twat Grindr Douche



What a complete twat. Sara Jessica Parker weighs twice than what he weighs.


No Gay Stuffed Douche


no gay stuff grindr douche

Born Late Douche

Don't you love how Grindr doesn't allow photos of underwear or pubes but BLATANT NAZISM is just fine?

“Slightly” Racist Grindr Douche



While we see a lot of racist douches here at Douchebags of Grindr, this one stands out as a racist’s racist.  His hand jive is really cool, though. He’s hip. Probably sells used cars. Not that there’s anything wrong with selling used cars.



One Percenter Douche




People are so delusional. What’s with the ridiculous smirk? Who wants this thing anyway?

Strokin’ Ugly Grindr Douche


stroking ugly grindr douche

Wow. It takes a lot of guts to demand good looks when you don’t even show your grindr douche face.

All your douchebag needs from the profiles of Grindr. Tumblr censors. Long live the public web.