Yet Another Racist Grindr Douche




Every month, we get dozens of racist Grindr Douche profiles. We still have to post a few of them so as not to give the impression that racism on Grindr on the decline.

Ultrabutch Ultradocuhe


image of ultra butch ultradouche


Probably a bathhouse cum dump in reality.

Muddy Panties




Tough. Yup. Sure. Whatever that means.

Shut Down Douche


grindr douche shuts down for hideous

Ratings Douche

pic of ratings grindr douche
Well at least he’s humble enough to not call himself a ’10.’

Party Douche


grindr douche is rude and loves to PARTY

Epidemic of Douche


epidemic-of-douche grindr

This Grindr douche gets around. Many people have submitted him because apparently his behavior is even more unpleasant than his profile. Good luck in life, kid!


Personality Optional Nice Face Grindr Douche



Personality optional for this Grindr douche.


Pointless Douche


pointless grindr douche

All your douchebag needs from the profiles of Grindr. Tumblr censors. Long live the public web.